Department Directory

Sharon Bournigal
Department Phone Department Director or Contact
Activities 330-659-5154 Vicky Putt, activities director
Administration 330-659-5131 Barbara Bobula, administrative assistant
Administration 330-659-5138 Joyce Haynes, assistant administrator
Administration 330-659-5102 Mark Yantek, executive director
Admissions 330-659-5143 Sharon Bournigal, admissions coordinator
Dining Services 330-659-5123 John Bush, dining services director
Fiscal Services 330-659-5127 Adam Gockowski, director of fiscal services
Housekeeping 330-659-5122 Alisa Remy, housekeeping director
Intercongregational Liaison 330-659-5143 Sr. Margaret Taylor, SIW
Maintenance 330-659-5121Bill Vorndra, maintenance director
Mission Support & Donor Relations 330-659-5132 Maureen O’Neill-Laszlo, director of mission support and donor relations
Nursing 330-659-5147 Janet Cinadr, director of nursing
     1C Nurse Station 330-659-5133  
     2A Nurse Station 330-659-5140  
     2B Nurse Station 330-659-5115  
     2C Nurse Station 330-659-5130  
     3B Nurse Station 330-659-5148  
Pastoral Care 330-659-5136 Sr. Donna Mikula, OSU, director of pastoral care
Payroll/Purchasing 330-659-5104 Sue Brewer
Social Services 330-659-5134 Shawn Mickle, director of social services
Therapy – Occupational 330-659-4161  
Therapy – Physical 330-659-4161  
Therapy – Speech 330-659-4161  
Transportation 330-659-5146 Sr. Regina Fierman, CSA
Volunteers 330-659-5128 Jackie Clancy, volunteer coordinator