Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updated Information - New Dining Guidelines


Dear Regina Health Center Community,

I am writing to provide an update in our efforts to help contain the spread of corona virus and to comply with State and Federal directives. 

First and foremost, I am happy to report that we have not experienced the corona virus at any level – neither residents, employees nor their family & friends. We give thanks to God for keeping us free from this pandemic! Continue to pray for deliverance from illness and for the continued good health of all of our Regina Health Center community.

For our part, we are taking extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of all. Each person entering the facility - whether employee, resident, physician and all others essential for our operation – must submit to a wellness check to ensure that they are in good health. Staff have been trained on cleanliness and hygiene procedures, and a heightened sense of awareness regarding disease control permeates throughout the facility. You can have confidence that our residents are in good hands!

Over the weekend, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued new directives for all licensed facilities across the country regarding congregate meals and Activities. Their guidance, which coincides with that of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), recommends “social distancing” to avoid the transmission of the corona virus from person to person. 

The surest way to enact this recommendation is to encourage residents to be served meals in their own rooms. Any resident needing assistance with dining will, of course, be given the help they need. Residents for whom eating alone is not generally recommended – those needing extensive assistance or those for whom dining alone is a safety issue, for example, and other residents who experience anxiety, fear and loneliness from being relegated to their rooms – may be accommodated in a different way, always in keeping with the “social distancing” recommendation. 

Therefore, meal service in the dining rooms, as well as resident group Activities, have been modified to ensure that residents maintain approximately six feet between themselves and others. In this way, the needs and the dignity of residents will be maintained while, at the same time, we will be keeping them safe from the spread of the corona virus.

Undoubtedly, recommendations from CMS and the CDC will continue to challenge us as the corona virus situation evolves. We, at Regina Health Center and the Sisters of Charity Health System, firmly believe that responsible management calls us to proceed with an abundance of caution. The health and well-being of our residents must remain our primary focus, and so we are committed to complying with directives from our State and Federal agencies. 

We thank our residents, and we thank you, for your cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented time of public health crisis. Together, we will keep our residents safe and healthy while continuing to meet their social needs.


Deacon Mark Yantek
Regina Health Center Executive Director

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