Regina Health Center Receives 9th Consecutive Assisted Living Deficiency-Free Survey from Ohio Department of Health


Receiving one deficiency-free survey is difficult to achieve. Receiving nine in a row is truly remarkable. Regina Health Center’s Assisted Living recently received a deficiency-free survey from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), which marked the ninth year in a row the ministry has received this perfect rating.

“Nine years in a row is a remarkable achievement,” said Mark Yantek, executive director, Regina Health Center. “There are many, many standards that are closely scrutinized during unannounced inspections. That’s why it’s such an impressive feat to be deficiency free so many years in a row. This is recognition of the commitment to provide exceptional care of everyone at Regina Health Center.”

Each assisted living facility in Ohio receives at least one unannounced ODH inspection/survey during a nine to 15 month cycle. During these surveys, all aspects of care and services are evaluated based on state laws and rules. While in the facility, surveyors ensure compliance in areas such as nursing services, dietary, ancillary services that include physical therapy and safety, and interview residents of the facility.

On the skilled nursing side, Regina Health Center also received an ODH deficiency-free survey earlier this year. Regina Health Center had to meet hundreds of federal and state health and safety standards to achieve a perfect survey. The survey process involved an unannounced visit from multiple ODH employees who spent several days reviewing organizational procedures, observing hands-on operations and speaking to residents. The survey process focuses on how the needs of residents are met, encompassing not only their medical and nursing needs, but also their social, psychological, spiritual, nutritional and physical needs. Only 10 percent of all facilities nationally and in Ohio receive a deficiency-free survey.

“Skilled nursing surveys are even more stringent than assisted living surveys. With progressively more rigorous requirements, achieving a deficiency-free rating has become more difficult than ever, which shows how hard we work to ensure the health and well-being of our residents are being met. Survey results help provide insight into making an informed decision when choosing a skilled nursing facility,” said Yantek.

High Resident Satisfaction
In addition to the two deficiency-free surveys, Regina Health Center received high marks in the most recent biennial resident satisfaction surveys for nursing and assisted living facilities from the Ohio Department of Aging. The statewide average score for resident satisfaction in nursing homes was 77.8 (out of 100). Regina Health Center ranked well above average, scoring 90.3. The statewide average score in assisted living facilities was 85.2. Regina Health Center received a score of 96.26.

“We can say we provide exceptional care, but it’s the opinions of our residents that matter the most,” said Yantek. “On the assisted living side, we rank in the top 1 percent of all facilities in Ohio for resident satisfaction. On the nursing side, we rank in the top 2 percent. Knowing our residents are so happy means we’re truly providing person-centered care that leads to a higher quality of life.”

A 5-Star Facility
Regina Health Center is also rated as a five-star facility by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is a rating only a small percent of all nursing homes in Ohio receive, and was named one of the best nursing homes in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for 2017-18.

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