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Communication Update November 13, 2021 Visitation All Open

Communication Update November 13, 2021 Visitation All Open

November 13, 2021

Dear Regina Health Center Community,

I am happy to report that we have received the results from last week’s COVID testing and they reveal no additional positive cases. This means that the residents living in the targeted testing areas of 2B and 2C are once again permitted to leave the unit and visitors are once again welcome to those areas. We will once again complete testing of all targeted residents and staff this week, as required. Assuming that negative test results are received after this week’s testing, we will continue to welcome visitors to all areas of the building. At this time, no residents are suspicious for coronavirus, thanks be to God. Pray that it remains so! Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we strive to find ways to enable resident privileges while maintaining safety and wellness. May you and those you love remain healthy, and may God continue to bless us all.

Sincerely, Deacon Mark Yantek, LNHA Executive Director