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Fine Bourbon Raffle - Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the fine bourbon raffle! We raffled off 100 bottles of bourbons from around the world, with the 100 winners drawn on April 2.

View the 100 winners here in this flyer. Or, see the list of winners below.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Colleen Corrigan Day at 330.659.5132.

Listed below are the names of the bourbon won, the winner and the winning ticket number:

1 Southern Tier Rye Jennifer K 1f3b5d037351386e48161c25e1c462da
2 Eagle Rare 10 yr Stevn L eb82c84a09c5c21e1081003df3dd3a64
3 Weller Reserve 1.75 L Rick S 4f5a877d05fd4bd21e0ed5e95f2356f4
4 Four Roses single barrel Anthony B d8394c90c43c8ae57fe3748ab78801fd
5 1792 Full Proof Ben K 21f5e56ba1a83caed5692e75027c6fb1
6 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Michael S 8dad135c40c7596df3c79fa0c8a8ad5f
7 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Michael S b8c8341f8ac66e85b6a1aafe70462d59
8 Henry McKenna 10 yr Sharon B 344b2ce86b2aa45fff8d2cae4460bc38
9 Four Roses small batch select Karen M f49a6274e1702c87160cdf7e83987181
10 Basil Hayden Rye Joe D 65ae255116902ef59e1d66db14d767dd
11 George Dickel 15yr Single Barrel Allen T d6dde1cd3363b35b85ab5383170c2ad2
12 Ko'olau Old Pali Road Dave S 08584f4fe0f9b398e889103a33e22436
13 Old Ezra 7 yr Julian G b25bcb502e7a66e4bd9282499739051e
14 1792 Full Proof Michael H af27002c143271f13ff1790d6ac07b53
15 Blanton's Susan S ab33270b213162d24tt6281c5ba1048
16 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Jacqueline W 0ddd4cd70289569342d0153e212c88ff
17 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Jeff D e94c5bd4f2bf6fcff49aaca70a2897c7
18 Henry McKenna 10 yr Bill O _d82b4ca3ecjdee58bbac61b371064
19 Angels Envy Rye Single Barrel Rum Cask Sharon S ce14c6f5087d6c5ba709b0d91de38e62
20 Willet Potstill Bourbon Shelly C dd8edd6d105daf6012c3d25fc424c82c
21 Weller Antique 107 1.75 L Eric W c8a0f1c9a56dbe42bbc89d71c525ad3e
22 Four Roses small batch select Thomas S 9631113693d6c8a751d606c14dc7c78c
23 Eagle Rare 10 yr Walter D 2ffecc8debbd0049b0b12033b3871a54
24 Jeffersons Ocean - Voyage 23 Leonard O d000e1e46ff1ebce2c166a41cd9d5b77
25 1792 Full Proof Brianne C b7669d4f05c1d54e47f25d3bf19815d0
26 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Thomas C 255cfb0f3a9daed34025540e3ebe4516
27 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bruce S f2b2c42cea72a0e720ee79365c358ce8
28 Henry McKenna 10 yr Brian Z 696dc071ff979791181b4ef4849390c9
29 Basil Hayden 10 yr Lindsay W 34468e2e0da100879d5b94cef1c1df57
30 Bulleit Single Barrel Robert B 6703ca7600d8187de9e69f20f1eb292f
31 Cat's Eye Light Whiskey Kyle K ee31d132236aa2c14149806c0dc0c4ec
32 1792 Aged Twelve Years Dan D eaa8032c6fe658ee0c0dd4f4262a3441
33 George Dickel 15yr Single Barrel Greg B 2f2ac497d00b03e15e3dd92ab213a399
34 Angels Envy Single Barrel Port Wine Cask John D 0b2e4ee308f8935a984051a0e51a0122
35 1792 Full Proof Eric W c8a0f1c9a56dbe42bbc89d71c525ad3e
36 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Roseanne K 3a4d09dc7aa3c89a7aa054c597c10a74
37 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Tom W 4ebcc8761f73f91f39f8b51486e33e07
38 Henry McKenna 10 yr Andrew W 20556fba89e94a249ef4b4f7aa4004fb
39 Four Roses single barrel Frank I e5837ad82114f8b1808d027d9a0fa91d
40 Old Ezra 7 yr Margaret H 414a5ea44f931a3cbea7d7055bdbfb46
41 Rabbit Hole Rye Gabriel S 7983e6800d9872dcb3f9eb59296fbf47
42 Eagle Rare 10 yr Tony Z a626300fb136766ea73152fa492d4db2
43 Blanton's Dale A b42468382218dabeef818b6f1332fdbd
44 Four Roses small batch select Russell S 2e1ad5e714d207d9f5163ea6d479e353
45 1792 Full Proof John D 9253422c43a85595ee9a37da5051af73
46 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Marian R 2ccac0c23b0587ecbd389d6ffc33174e
47 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Jason K 24ddb814eee560827cbe77afd5f1ba7a
48 Henry McKenna 10 yr Bill R 47000631080ae95d90c64b5070d5639c
49 Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Joseph V 3df3b518d3d91127870a832050d3200e
50 Old Maysville Club Rye (Bottled in Bond) John H 5b8a787f629126153d7ad0b578f72a8e
51 Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Michelle M c49587e56e6546b60e380192ac60d7fa
52 Jeffersons Ocean - Voyage 23 Anthony P 8edcb53e0d4142fd014f8806213b35e1
53 Blanton's Carol M 83063a28380fd164e2ccba3e835edb92
54 Angels Envy Rye Single Barrel Rum Cask Nick D 30823a365f05cef6cc7c871c312f4f71
55 1792 Full Proof Jeffrey S 28715n458y17dih5bb6m952b211546
56 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Dan C 39544ba4da7498abe0d569c67c5e9915
57 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Frank D 3c1cbdea2176edd36420b24882580e10
58 Henry McKenna 10 yr Sharon S ca903cbe334c33acf70711df62550c4c
60 Angels Envy Single Barrel Port Wine Cask Dan E 59e3fa7b0f7db17524f840eec1b18818
59 Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Jessica S dacbbb4c13c4041e383707ae9d28eb54
61 George Dickel 15yr Single Barrel Mark J tewccc3b24b3132u274618ui8j11038
62 Basil Hayden 10 yr Michelle C bbd54e296feea4ae8ad01b4d18b72b72
63 Blanton's Linda B f64e70d7259121ab1aa67d005e36d614
64 Eagle Rare 10 yr Robert M def2c075e92c4405a4dfe7d1163c2cb2
65 1792 Full Proof Kevin F 3d830000b284b957de050f58c3f49cb4
66 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Vinny C 7ea7f3398e6de429e08a059bd59a9db2
67 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Donald D 7252ac448405a5a42e74c60cea8c71bf
68 Henry McKenna 10 yr Rick S 4f5a877d05fd4bd21e0ed5e95f2356f4
69 Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Daniel C 44a2a9bc4fad1121fd0dccb6245ae40b
70 1792 Bottled in Bond Chris S b06229e1e29e702f45b3b52669c366f4
71 Breckenridge High Proof Blend Tom R c15338i2i38o71e613g34c2v4355m251067
72 Basil Hayden 10 yr Constance S b24889o3a27a63u524f45b3x536211539
73 Blanton's Matt S 3eb6ae8641668a0e82688b17f4cff107
74 Eagle Rare 10 yr David D fd1eaffec2aace52822dfb3ec1819d53
75 1792 Full Proof Jennifer S 772e580f4f1378624c8c3e172639de44
76 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Joseph B 9f627ebc9acf153640a8c1330c418398
77 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof James M 07c26254b02ee28b875a5df8f49ad5c6
78 Henry McKenna 10 yr Fran T 58758f5a1df4020871c4a56837133642
79 Thomas S. Moore Port Cask Mark J 678437g6s2bf3124672b3w57726321039
80 Smoke Wagon Bruce S cb3981219ce6e86cf6fa0783151c7437
81 Stagg Jr. Joshua G 63c71fe131f6d62846d886b84a449a4e
82 Blanton's Shelly T 9af093bfc1bdf8e1fea55c0d635c225b
83 Hancock President's Reserve Edward K 4506616b7092347ddfcda81a174de949
84 Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Bennett G 9babc46fb13fe82001c678210d44c81e
85 1792 Bottled in Bond John K 6d7d8a84ffb5e6c9f994377fc5f6048b
86 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Doug M f995f18e9247fa75ea5c4e5d709803f7
87 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kelly H 07a0055068d272c6aea50ac106706c76
88 Henry McKenna 10 yr Lynn K d7c43ec62cbcf176b2edc6f8de1d8bb8
89 Willett Family Reserve 4 yr Rye Lance G 25876246b27fab37c650bdd178b68919
90 Blanton's Jenny R e472576ead208e703d8d13859816cfd0
91 Buffalo Trace Kosher David H 2ccf875c6acc2707aa28d3936139d20e
92 Stagg Jr. Anthony V c4ebd6925cf5efc564371f006ffc7d6f
93 EH Taylor Small Batch Bernie Z 44d8bb3deae4b7948c77a3ff1dc375b5
94 Eagle Rare 10 yr 1.75 L Daniel Z 51119a5f0f95eb2c1a76fa08c8a0839b
95 EH Taylor Single Barrel Anthony D d9b67cec2b49574ea277419705ae5498
96 EH Taylor Barrel Proof Anthony G 2072d56dbd0c3dc3372286cf722a93f4
97 Weller 12 yr Kevin Z 61c82b62e485399c4b50d931f9b92626
98 Saint Cloud 7 yr Barrel Select Robert S afa19d211d9c210df2a5374504930361
99 Blanton's Japan Edition (Black Label) Matthew R 747fca6a1002a3dd4d91bd5045273190
100 Old Rip Van Winkle - 10 yr Ellen D 56ad48257ad53361b903d530f0b82cee

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