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Communication Update December 9, 2022

Communication Update December 9, 2022

December 9th, 2022

Dear Regina Health Center Community,

It has been a while since I last provided a COVID update, and I want to keep everyone informed of our status relative to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, we have six residents who recently tested positive. Thanks be to God, none has serious illness – just mild symptoms. This is the first outbreak of multiple positive cases in several months. We will be conducting targeted testing on the affected units, per CMS directives. If your loved one is affected in any way, we will be in communication with you. With the Holidays nearly upon us, many will want to visit with loved ones who are residents here at RHC. While we welcome visitors, we encourage everyone to exercise good judgment and to err on the side of caution, for the well-being of our residents. If you don’t feel well, or if you may have been exposed to COVID or the flu, please refrain from visiting until you feel better. While here, everyone must wear a mask. Remember to practice good hand hygiene and refrain from gathering in public spaces and in large groups; it is best to visit in resident rooms. At this time, the dining rooms and the chapel are still resident-only areas. We regret the inconvenience this may cause, but we want to ensure the safety and good health of our residents, whose immunity is often compromised. These positive cases, along with several positive employee cases, are reminders to us that coronavirus is still a threat, despite the fact that we wish the pandemic were subsiding. Since the end of last year, when the omicron variant surged, none of our residents or employees have experienced serious symptoms; none have needed to be hospitalized or needed extensive treatment. But this promising factor must not be interpreted as a victory over COVID and an end to the pandemic. Despite the CDC’s recommendation to the general public that COVID precautions can be relaxed, these recommendations do not apply to us. Healthcare institutions operate under the auspices of CMS and the Ohio Department of Health, and their directives have not changed. All employees and visitors are still required to wear a mask at all times, and all are required to have their temperature taken and answer a wellness questionnaire each visit. We are happy to comply with this precautionary measure to ensure the health and well-being of our residents. This small, reasonable request of wearing a mask while in the facility is certainly worth the minor inconvenience, as it supports the wellness of our residents. Pray that soon, even this precaution will be unnecessary! May God continue to bless you and those you love. Stay well! Sincerely, Deacon Mark Yantek Executive Director