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COVID-19 Communication Update 8/13/2021

COVID-19 Communication Update 8/13/2021

August 13, 2021

Dear Regina Health Center Community,

I am writing with an important update regarding the coronavirus pandemic. As the “delta variant” continues to surge, there is a suspected positive case among our employees. The employee, who is not a direct-care worker, was beginning to experience mild symptoms and was sent home to quarantine, pending lab results. We will likely not receive confirmation of either a positive or negative result until Sunday, due to lab procedures and timing. Until we receive test confirmation, we have re-implemented use of K95 masks, as a measure of added caution. Assuming that the test result is positive for COVID, all residents and all employees will need to be tested, per CMS and CDC guidance. Additionally, CMS and ODH guidance dictates that all resident visitation must be suspended for at least one week. If all residents and employees are negative on subsequent testing, visitation may resume as before. At this time, no residents are suspicious for coronavirus, thanks be to God. We are not yet implementing any other precautions, such as in-room quarantine or suspension of Mass or Activities. We hope and pray that this is an isolated incident and that such measures will not be necessary. Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we strive to find ways to enable resident privileges while maintain safety and wellness. May you and those you love remain healthy, and may God continue to bless us all.


Deacon Mark Yantek Executive Director