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New Video Provides a Virtual Tour of Regina Health Center

New Video Provides a Virtual Tour of Regina Health Center

Regina Health Center is pleased to release a new video that offers a virtual tour of the ministry and our facilities and grounds. Created in partnership with Knox Marketing, the video provides a brief overview of the mission of Regina Health Center and our commitment to providing exceptional care, and an overview of the faith-based activities available, services and amenities offered, and variety of activities.

The video also provides an aerial tour of the 230-acre grounds and gardens and a look at a resident room and common areas.

In the video, Executive Director Mark Yantek talks about the important role staff members have. "Our staff has a lot of longevity. Our staff, generally speaking, does not see their role here as simply caregivers They are co-ministers with our sisters. When they come to work every day, they have the satisfaction of knowing they're making a difference in the lives of our residents."

Sister Judith Ann Karam, Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine congregational leader, discusses the spiritual aspects of Regina Health Center, saying "Our motto is in all things charity and in all things love. That means God's love. God has really blessed with all that we see on our property. Regina Health Center enables us to share it. This a real caring environment."

View the video here